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A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

22 May

' W A R N I N G '

I'm writing in English and I'm German native. So if you think of adding me be prepared that you aren't welcomed by perfect English I like to say it's like me...lovely but far from perfect. Why do I write in English? Well -eyes her flist- international see and proud it is

Made by  queensjoy

Is maith an scéalaí an aimsir!

Credits Layout

Coding and idea Irinafan @ Cartonage
Colour changes and header by my humble self

Credits Profile Layout
Made by Gossymer @ noveltybox

Credits CSS help
The good soul of various helpful communities babyelefant, av8rmike@ Expressive
Layout help
and carriep63 they kept me from going mad with Expressive

Credits for my Creative Sources
Credits for icon textures, brushes, bases and vectors go to: ★ all artists listed here ★
you did an awesome job, thanks for sharing!

Credits for my personal icons
For my very own icons or avatars, (whatever you call them) I'd like to thank
padabee and Avenahar_laguz

doglover, bookworm, creative junkie, babblemouth, part-time-fangirl, DSLR newbie, everyday laugher with wicked humour, TV show junkie, sing along driver, nightowl, friends lover, lenghty writer, travel addict, eager for knowledge and much more

It is only with the heart
that one can see rightly;
what is essential is invisible to the eye.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery