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Icons round the world

Hey there, this is my first set of icons for the 'broad public'. So far I thought my creations are just good enough for me but never thought others could like them too. A friend asked me to do a few for her community and well I became insane.


So I'd like to present my first iconses and hope you will like what I did.

[01-13] Berlin
[14-31] Dublin
[32-43] Edinburgh
[44-67] London
[68-91] Madrid
[92-110] Paris
[111-134] Rome
[135-158] Misc






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Disney: Timon Hula


Since I did quite a few icons or avatars recently I spent much time in looking through deviantart.com or several LJ Communities to find brushes and textures I could use for this or that creation. Since I use the avatars myself or some of my friends do I think it's needed to credit the ones who had the work with their creations and I don't want to adorn myself with borrowed plumes. Furthermore a look at my profile told me that I don't have enough space to post everyone there any longer and I must admit I lost totally track of the things I used and the one who deserves credit for this so I think it's better to add everyone I stumbled about. Collapse )

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Eric goes to Berlin

After I saw it on my Friendslist, an entry by banafan I had a look online and found this:

Kosslick: Wir gehen davon aus, dass Daniel Day-Lewis und Penélope Cruz kommen, ebenso Ben Kingsley, der gleich mit zwei Filmen vertreten ist. Angekündigt hat sich auch Bollywood-Star Shah Rukh Khan und wir freuen uns auch, dass Scarlett Johansson zum ersten Mal zur Berlinale kommt. Kommen wollen auch Natalie Portman, Tilda Swindon und Eric Bana.

Source: Interview with Dieter Kosslick, Berlinale Director/Manager

Not that I have time to go but perhaps one of you...hai_di -wiggles brows- Well perhaps you didn't know yet and perhaps some of you are there anyway -kisses-
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Merry Christmas

Ich möchte Euch allen ein wunderbares Weihnachten wünschen. Habt einen besinnlichen Tag, relaxte Weihnachtsfeiertage und ein fleißiges Christkind. Aber ich hoffe auch, dass Ihr den Tag so feiern könnt, wie er sein soll - im Kreise Eurer Lieben.

Sorry my Spanish is more than poor and my Italian is not much better so I had help (he is also not a pro) and hope you will get me.

Me gustaría desear a todos ustedes una maravillosa Navidad flummy. Puede usted tener un día pacífico y Santa ocupado pero espero que usted pueda divertirse el día como ello debería ser - rodeado por sus amados.

Vorrei augurargli tutti Natale meraviglioso. Potete voi avere un giorno pacifico, i giorni di distensione di Natale e una Santa occupata ma inoltre spero che possiate celebrare il giorno come dovrebbe essere - circondato dal vostro amava ones.

I'd like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas. May you have a peaceful day, relaxing Christmas days and a busy Santa but I also hope you can celebrate the day like it should be - surrounded by your loved ones.

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Vouchers and Co. - Coupondeal.de

Actually this is for my German readers - rather for them then for the English part because the page I'm reporting is German...I'm sorry. The reason I do write in English is that I don't want to be impolite.

But yeah we all like to get vouchers and coupons and every little piece of paper we could get things for less money is welcome...at least for me. Above all since I usually have the right feeling to want the more expensive stuff

Anyway the other day I did stumble across www.coupondeal.de and hey it's almost like cockaigne. It's not as huge as many other pages who collect coupons from online shops but compared to the perhaps more known ones I never had a coupon that wasn't valid. The page looks is very clear arranged and due to this it's easy to get where you want pretty fast. It would be a lie to say you get everything you need and want because we all know many companies are pretty miserly/mean with coupons these days - there again I'd say I miss the old days but it's definitely worth to check it out.

And here in German lol

Wollen wir nicht alle liebend gerne  Gutscheine? Und jedes Stückchen Papier, das uns in irgendeiner Weise Preisvergünstigungen vermittelt ist mehr als willkommen - zumindest für mich, ich hab eh immer ein Händchen dafür mir das teuerste auszusuchen

Aber egal die letzten Tage bin ich über www.coupondeal.de gestolpert und hab mir die Seite mal angesehen. Das ist schon ein kleines 'Schlaraffenland' - zumindest beinahe. Klar, die Seite ist nicht so umfassend und groß wie andere Websites, die auch Gutscheincoupons anbieten, aber verglichen mit den bekannteren hatte ich jetzt noch keinen Gutschein, der schon abgelaufen war. Die Seite ist schön übersichtlich aufgebaut und strukturiert und deswegen kommt man schnell dahin und findet das, was man sucht. Natürlich wäre es ne Lüge zu sagen man kriegt für alles was, das man will und braucht - aber wir wissen ja alle, dass es doch ziemlich nachgelassen hat mit der Gutschein'flut'. Früher kam ab und an mal ein AMAZON Gutschein, der auch für Bücher gegolten hat und es gab nirgends einen Vermerk, dass die 5 Euro nur ab einem Mindestbestellwert von 30 Euro oder mehr gilt. Also finde ich das echt ganz praktisch und schau immer wieder mal vorbei, ob es was interessantes gibt. Also hingucken, dass ist nen Besuch wert.