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Lovely little stories worth a read

Tata, OK Ladies, the few remaining :D Today I’m not writing about me but about a dear friend. She’s writing little stories you can read over in her own journal and she definitely doesn't get the attention she deserves! So I thought I may go for fishing for readers among you all? Well it's worth a try and perhaps the one or other will go and have a look?

Right now fendassor writes about fairytales but not the way you know them. She rather messes them up in a funny way and I can’t help but giggling or even snorting in some places. The characters are really lovely and it doesn't matter if it's a hero who solves task rather involuntary, or the princess out of the tower who turns out to well you need to read it yourself, or a godmother who comes with wings ;) It's a nice way to read and even if I often think 'Gosh not again that much', it's soon read and you wonder what's coming next.

Anyway it would be too lovely if you would have a wee peek in. It’s written in English but easily to understand. Really, it’s worth a read!

The Princess in the Tower
The big, bad Wolf
The bully and the Gingerbread House
Fur balls and rotten apples
An exhausting task

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